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Focus Pocus

me in the car

I’ve been a father for just over 4 months now. Darwin has been rolling around, playing with toys, and making a ton of noise, which totally cracks me up. The more time I spend with him, the more amazed I become at the weight of my whole situation. Thanksgiving was another reminder, since it was the first that I spent with my family. In thinking about all this very recently, I got an idea for my New Years Resolution. Those resolutions are usually bullshit for most people, but I’m generally pretty good at keeping them, and I try to only make them if they’re meaningful to me. This one is less tangible than usual, but basically I want to direct more of my attention to my family situation. I have a woman and child who I love very much, and I guess I just want to put as much effort as I can into making sure that our situation is as happy and healthy as I can make it.

Meanwhile, on a more selfish note, I’m having that studio built in my garage. Everyone seemed to think it was the thing to do, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever. I know the most responsible move would be to just leave the money sitting and growing in ING or something, but what can I say. I’m just not ready to give it all up yet.

And speaking of music… my band is fucked. Tom left us pretty high and dry, so now our triumphant return to World Cafe is in serious jeopardy. All the guitar players we’ve spoken to have dropped the ball, and we’re really not sure what do to. I also just sent an email out declining an offer to play Rex’s one last time before they close forever. It sucks.

Oh yeah, remind me of what good records came out in this year, so I can properly prepare for the big 2007 GetHurt Music Awards.


Someone must have spiked my drink, because I don’t know why the hell I found (and still find) this so funny. My Thanksgiving went just fine. The little guy was the center of attention of course, sharing the stage only with a chicken who had an orange stuffed up its butt.