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a ground n pound kinda night

My friend Kookeroo Kate had some tickets to see Nine Inch Nails at the lil House of Blues in Atlantic City. It’s a small club inside the Showboat Hotel & Casino. Needless to say I was pretty excited to see this, especially after seeing them at the big Wachovia Center with the full out-of-this-world production. This was described as a more intimate, stripped down performance. And man, was it ever! After scratching my head through the opening band Health (who I actually did not hate, like everyone else did), I was thrilled when NIN took to the bare stage.

The crowd surged forward quite a bit, which I expected, and at that moment it was time for me to make a decision. It’s actually something that’s crossed my mind a few times in recent months, especially after seeing Coheed and Cambria in NYC. Through my teen years and early twenties, I went to a ton of concerts and I spent most of my time rocking out right at the front of the stage, or spazzing my way through whatever wacky mosh pit or clusterfuck was in effect that night. In recent years, for whatever reason that just hasn’t been the case. Nowadays I hang back to get a clear view and keep peoples nasty sweat off of me. Sometimes I’ll even chill up in the balcony. Anyway, I made a choice to stay in the mix on this night. I decided that I would rock and roll my way straight to the front of the stage, regardless of how many tattooed meatheads stood in my way. I danced and yelled and sang along, throwing and absorbing elbow strikes all along the way. It one point during the set, one of my own songs actually sprang to my mind. In fact, it’s my masterpiece! Without question, the greatest song I’ve ever written or played. Obviously I’m talking about Ground n Pound! Everyone assumes this song is about an actual street fight or some bullshit like that, but if you pay attention to my amazing poetic lyrics, it becomes clear that the song was written about my love of experiencing shows in this way. Dig it:


if you’re lookin’ for a fight
you found one
you found a pit full of energy just like yours
flowing in circles, thrashing about
if you wanna get to the front
ground and pound

ground and pound

if you’re lookin’ for a fight
you found one
you’re full of sweat like the first time you got laid
pushing and pulling, screaming aloud
if your body’s not sore yet
ground and pound

ground and pound

Needless to say, NIN was awesome. They proved that they don’t need any outrageous stage production to be one of the most awesome bands ever. They plowed through an amazing set, and even brought out Peter Murphy to sing Reptile! How cool is that!? Being that close to the band reminded me of seeing them in 1994, which has always been a very fond memory. Every bulging vein, drop of sweat, broken guitar string, all clearly visible right before my eyes. I could actually hear the sound of Trent and Robin singing, from their mouths, not through the PA. And man, Robin Finck is 10 times more entertaining from up close. That dude makes some hilariously wild faces when he plays.

Love Is Not Enough
Terrible Lie
Letting You
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
The Collector
Reptile (with Peter Murphy!)
The Beginning of The End
Ghosts 31
Head Down
Gave Up
The Line Begins To Blur
God Given
Down In It
Starfuckers Inc.
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

The NIN show was more than enough for one night, but I still had one more thing planned. I wanted to win some free money while in Atlantic City. Unfortunately, the casino at the Showboat sucked and didn’t have any live table games, just slots and computer bullshit. I needed some roulette. It wasn’t a problem since the good ol’ Trump Taj Mahal was right next door. So, we got to the Taj and located the roulette wheels. After waiting for Kate to get over her irrational fear of roulette tables, we started the gambling. I could go into detail about each bet that was placed, but who gives a fuck really. I got to the casino with $60 in my pocket, and I left with $200. About 30 seconds after leaving the casino, I found another $10 laying on the sidewalk. I picked that shit up and pocketed it without even breaking stride.

By the time I got home I was already pretty annoyed with this irritating and occasionally painful cough that I’ve had for a week now. I really didn’t sleep much in part because of that annoying hacking. Whatever! It was all cool aside from the retarded coughing.

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