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ALBUM OF THE WEEK: 21st Century Breakdown

The following statements are true: 21st Century Breakdown is a great album. 21st Century Breakdown is a shitty album. In creating the follow-up to American Idiot, Green Day made the respectably ambitious choice to go really big. They created another full-blown rock opera that follows a young couple named Christian and Gloria through life inContinue Reading


I love Chris Cornell. I think he’s one of the most capable singer/songwriters ever, and he was a driving force behind what was probably the greatest American rock band of all time; Soundgarden. These facts made it all the more heartbreaking when I realized I hated his new album so much, and that it wouldContinue Reading


• PLEASANT SURPRISE • Darius Rucker Learn To Live The odds were pretty stacked against me digging a Country album, no matter who was singing it. But solid songwriting and a great voice made this a no-brainer for the Pleasant Surprise award. • MOST IMPROVED • Kanye West 808s & Heartbreak As I said inContinue Reading

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: 808s & Heartbreak

When I first heard “Through The Wire” in 2003, I fell in love with it. The song itself was great, but the fact that Kanye recorded the song with his jaw wired shut 2 weeks after having his whole face smashed in and surgically reconstructed made it just that much cooler in my eyes. ItContinue Reading

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Chinese Democracy

I had a whole in-depth track-by-track review of the album written, but I scrapped it. When an album takes as long as this one, and gets talked about and over-analyzed as much as this one, it’s hard to get a clear perspective. The only way this album should be judged is by the sound itContinue Reading