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Intelligent Design is bullshit (and a movie review)


That’s the basic idea. But I guess I’ll go on. I had a pretty good idea that the movie would suck, but I guess I just had to see for myself. The premise of the film is that proponents of intelligent design are being unfairly oppressed by all the big bad Darwinists of the world, thereby keeping the truth hidden. As if that weren’t retarded enough, the method they use to convey this message is essentially making sad puppy dog eyes at the audience. The pity party goes so far that they actually compare intelligent design to the innocent Jews killed in the holocaust. Not to leave that analogy incomplete, the film more or less says that Darwinism is the foundation for Hitler and his Nazi regime. Had Ben Stein just mentioned that on screen it would have been plenty over the top, but the filmmakers were actually desperate enough to resort to showing old footage of Hitler himself, concentration camps, and yes, a huge stack of dead bodies. Hell, they even had Stein visit Dachau! It was tasteless, and desperate. Ben Stein (a jew) should feel deeply ashamed of himself for resorting to such a classless act to help sell his view, and his film.

The movie builds up to a dramatic moment where Ben Stein “interviews” well-known author, ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and atheist Richard Dawkins. The confrontation was done under false pretenses and was basically an attempt to get Dawkins to misspeak on the issues. I found it to be pretty anti-climactic since Dawkins didn’t say anything shocking or out of character. You’d think for sure they would have come up with something with a little more impact for the big finale.

The fact is, intelligent design is creationism dressed in a sane persons clothing. Yes, I understand the technical differences, but go ahead and ask someone that buys into intelligent design if they believe in god. They do. Therefore, the “intelligent designer” they speak of is god. Therefore, creationism. Therefore, bullshit. Creationism (aka intelligent design) belongs far far away from classrooms. Dig?

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