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Sometimes I feel bad, or guilty or something when I have a thought like “everything sucks”. I feel bad because I wonder if I should be having thoughts like that when I have Darwin in my life. When I say/think “everything sucks”, I obviously don’t mean Darwin. He’s awesome, and I love him so soContinue Reading

The update you’ve all been waiting for.

Ok, so no one has actually been waiting for this, but it’s been a while. For starters, there’s a video of Darwin being all cute like he does. Gotta love that kid. I’ve had plenty to say lately, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about it all properly. OnceContinue Reading


I think I am officially “an angry person”. I was an angry teenager, that’s for sure, but it’s not a way I would have described myself over the last 10 years. Usually. But for whatever reason, that’s what I am now. I feel genuinely angry at everything, and everyone. I find myself fucking with peopleContinue Reading


Everything is wrong. Seriously. The construction of my new studio is now in serious jeopardy thanks to Ridley Township and their endless red tape bullshit. When I first attempted to drop off my permit applications, they told me they would be declined unless I included some detailed illustrations of the construction plans. I went backContinue Reading

the garage dilemma

I want to build a studio in my garage. And by that I mean, I want someone else to build me a studio in my garage. I understand that this costs money, but I guess I had underestimated just how much it would cost. The current estimates are as follows: $8,000.00 – Some asshole fromContinue Reading