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I’ll try to make this quick, because the more I think about it, the more my blood fucking boils. I’ve been looking for a car. And I needed one for around $1,500 or less. I found a few on craigslist, but they all had some outrageous mileage or some other issues keeping me away. TheContinue Reading

further decline

I was offered three hours of work at the studio in East Falls. I accepted it, because I like making music and helping the kids make their music, but most of all because I need money. For months now, I’ve known that the car I drive has an extremely limited range. Meaning, if I goContinue Reading

dead ahead

My life was better before. When exactly was “before” though? And better how? I’m not sure, maybe. But I feel like right now everything sucks really, really bad. I am still constantly overwhelmed by the idea that I technically do not live with my son. At this point it hardly matters, because he’s with meContinue Reading

doomsday update

WORK: I lost my job. The school jerked me around all Summer, never giving me a straight answer as to when I would start, what my hours would be, and how much I would get paid. Then, at the last minute, they cut the program completely, leaving me unemployed. Needless to say, this is aContinue Reading

I am nowhere.

I just stumbled upon this map of “the Tumblverse”. Specifically the area around where I live. Now, if you are asking yourself “what the heck is a tumblverse?”, then you are part of what I am writing about, and you probably live in an area where there are no red dots. You probably live inContinue Reading