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woe is me post #796

Sometimes I start to write a post days, or even weeks before it gets published to the site. Sometimes I’ll just type in a title for the post as a quick note to myself, reminding me what I wanted the post to be about. If it’s any indication as to what’s been on my mind,Continue Reading

dead ahead

My life was better before. When exactly was “before” though? And better how? I’m not sure, maybe. But I feel like right now everything sucks really, really bad. I am still constantly overwhelmed by the idea that I technically do not live with my son. At this point it hardly matters, because he’s with meContinue Reading

Darwins Birthday party sucked ass

Darwin’s Birthday was Friday (July 25). Parts of the day really sucked, but the bulk of it was spent with just the two of us, which was really nice. I took him on the train to the city, and we hit up the Please Touch Museum and Pita Pit. Ok, he slept through Pita Pit,Continue Reading


A year has passed since Darwin was born (a year on Friday, actually). I’ve been thinking about what I would write for this post, and as usual, I fail to find the words. I find it nearly impossible to encapsulate my feelings for this boy, and about the whole experience of being thrust face firstContinue Reading

Father’s Day 2008

Yesterday I celebrated my first Father’s Day as a father. That video gives you a pretty good idea of how I spent most of the day, aside from romping through the city earlier in the afternoon eating everything in sight. Overall the day was very good. I was worried that it wouldn’t be, because SaturdayContinue Reading