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I’ll try to make this quick, because the more I think about it, the more my blood fucking boils.

I’ve been looking for a car. And I needed one for around $1,500 or less. I found a few on craigslist, but they all had some outrageous mileage or some other issues keeping me away. The one that was left was advertised as a 1991 Buick LeSabre selling for $1,000. I called to verify a few details, and was told the car had 117,000 miles on it.

I met up with the fucker tonight, and took the car for a quick test drive. It worked, so I was ready to go. I took out my money from the ATM and we did the deal over at the title transfer place. Done deal.

On the way home I was stuck in bad traffic, so I pulled out the owners manual from the glove box, just for the hell of it. Wow… 1988!? Is it the wrong owners manual, or IS THIS FUCKING CAR ACTUALLY AN ’88?! Then I take a look at the mileage. Wow… 171,000?! He said 117,000! Fuck. I get home and run the VIN number just to be sure, and yep, it’s an ’88.

A 1991 LeSabre with 117,000 in “good” condition is valued at $1,050.
A 1988 LeSabre with 171,000 in “fair” condition (which is what I got) is valued at $425.

I just got seriously ripped off. If I had paid closer attention to everything along the way I suppose I could have stopped the deal before it was too late. I guess I was too trusting. But as usual, I am fucked. I have a car, for now. But I surely can’t see it lasting very long.

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