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Nail, anyone?


What a fucking nightmare. I just had the most retarded, loud, fucked up fight in recent memory. It’s the fight you have when every single other fight on Earth has already been had at least 12 times already, and you just need one more. I feel betrayed. I feel helpless, and I feel completely fucking doomed all around.

What could be the cause of this major disaster, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you this much; it was because of a comment posted on this site. If you’re bored and interested, go read the comments that people have posted. See if there is even ONE fucking comment anywhere that should ever cause any difficulty in my adult life. In my opinion, you shouldn’t find one.

Honestly, there’s no solution. I’m left with some serious aftermath to deal with, and none of my options are great. A year ago, this would have been much easier.

In the meantime, I need to find a way to password protect this entire site. When you first come to it, you would need to enter a login and password, but after that you should be automatically logged in. I’m not sure if WordPress offers that, but I’m looking into it. It will probably cut down on who views the site, both out of laziness and peoples desire to remain anonymous, but I feel like I have to. I hate that I feel that way, but I do.

Truly, my life sucks. Change is imminent. I hope.

note to self: lie

I can’t win. Whenever I think I’m doing the right thing, I’m shown that it is wrong. As horrible and sad as it sounds, I get the feeling that the only way for me to survive the gauntlet of my daily life is to lie and hide every harmless step I take. And really, asContinue Reading


I don’t think I did anything wrong last night. I had a show, invited people to come, and went straight home at the end of the night. The problem is exactly when the “end” of the night should be. Uggh. I’m just always wrong somehow. I’m so so sick of my life right now. AndContinue Reading


Today I did something that has been done only 1 or 2 other times before. I deleted a post from this site. It was one hell of a post too. It was classic gethurt.com type stuff. It was pure. It was angry, vengeful, and written entirely in the moment. It was human honesty in allContinue Reading


That is a picture of my kid, sucking his thumb. It’s one of the first four still images taken of him/her, ever. It was taken on Thursday, shortly after the last time I posted here. Well had I known that the day would have gone so horribly wrong (which I should have known), I wouldContinue Reading