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Abandoning the Batcave


I moved into my underground sanctuary at the end of July, and as of tomorrow, I will be gone. For a single, child-less guy, the Batcave would be fine. I didn’t love the fact that I couldn’t control my own heat and often felt too cold, but aside from that, the place served me just fine. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a proper room that could be dedicated to Darwin and all his stuff. There are certainly some aspects of the place that I’ll miss very much, and it represents a phase of my life that won’t be soon forgotten.

Speaking of my life… yeah. A big ol’ WTF is pretty much the best way to describe it these days. It’s so weird how different events happen to coincide at roughly the same time. Hardly anyone would believe it’s just coincidence, and hardly anyone would believe just how little advance notice I have before making choices that I need to make.

I wish things were easier.



my perfect friends

Anthony, Tricia, Kelly, Vicky, Kate, and Srp have all helped me in various ways with this fucked up Batcave situation. I really, really appreciate it. Batcave aside, I appreciate it when anyone helps me. At this stage in my life, I’m a person that kinda needs help sometimes. More often than I’d like, actually. Honestly,Continue Reading

Full Disclosure. Well, almost.

I’ve had tons of heavy shit going on in my life over the last several months, and tons of heavy shit that is going to continue for some time. Here we go. WORK: My main source of income over the last 2 years has been my daytime Music Production teaching gig. By the end ofContinue Reading