I wanna be an artist when I grow up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my art lately. And by lately, I mean since this past October or so. I spent a really long time working on the last DDC album

and live performances, and I was just really starting to feel the itch to work on my printmaking again. I hadn’t touched any of it since my show in December 2008. It was time.

To become motivated enough to ensure output, I generally like to have a show scheduled so that there’s a real deadline to be met. When possible, I give myself several months so that the show is populated with as much new work as possible. There was already a vague theme in mind for the new work, and a few specific printing methods that I wanted to focus on.Continue Reading

I love my iPad.

For the most part, the introduction of the iPad has created three main groups.
1. Those who love it.
2. Those who don’t get it.
3. Those who wish it did more.

The people who wish it did more, want it to use Adobe’s crashy Flash plug-in, have USB ports, and a slew of other features that people see on laptop and desktop computers. This is akin to wishing your sports car would toast your bagel. There have been tons of “iPad killers” announced already, and they all boast a long list of hardware features that read like a traditional laptop spec-sheet. What this group of people don’t yet understand is that the iPad is very clearly not a laptop or traditional computer of any kind. Even comparing one of these Tablet Computers to an iPad is comparing apple to oranges to say the very least.Continue Reading



I’ve always tried to like The Mars Volta. Each album has had some interesting, memorable moments, but as a whole I found each of them to be damn near impossible to sit through. And don’t even get me started on the bullshit jam-session live performances. But Octahedron finally sees the band craft more focused pieces that can actually be called songs. The lyrics are still artsy-fartsy stoner baloney, but that’s fine in this case…Continue Reading

Death Obsessed

I have to wonder, just how often do most people think about dying? I guess it varies depending on a person’s age and infinite combinations of life situations. An 85 year old woman with cancer probably thinks about it more often than your average 31 year old man with no obvious health issues. But IContinue Reading

My Mother is dead.

That’s a photo of my Mother holding me up by my crotch in 1978, the year I was born. She died early Sunday morning (September 6), sometime shortly after midnight or so. She was 51 years old. How did she die? Well, I’m sure official medical records will show something involving complications from cirrhosis, orContinue Reading