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IN THE SKIN MSH stimulates the production of melanin. MSH ACTH ADH IN THE URINARY SYSTEM Antidiuretic. Equilibrium of the fluids in the body. TSH OXYTOCIN IN THE UTERUS AND THE BREASTS Stimulates the secretion of mother's milk and contractions during birth. GH IN THE BONES AND MUSCLES GH stimulates growth in an infant and influences the health of an adult. A Kiss VEIN ARTERY FSH, LH IN THE TESTICLES AND THE OVARIES FSH stimulates the production of spermatozoa and the release of ovules. LH also generates testosterone.

These are hypermetropia and myopia. Both can be corrected by the use of lenses. A hereditary condition called color blindness, or Daltonism, is less frequent. Persons who are color blind have problems distinguishing between certain colors. It is a hereditary illness caused by the absence of the types of cone cells that are sensitive to yellow, green, or blue. Protection THE EYELIDS PROTECT THE EYES FROM BRIGHT LIGHT AND DUST. THE EYELASHES REDUCE EXCESS LIGHT. THE EYEBROWS KEEP SWEAT OUT OF THE EYES.

Its exocrine component secretes pancreatic juice into the duodenum to aid in digestion. This juice contains enzymes that break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It contains sodium bicarbonate, which neutralizes the strong stomach acid. The pancreas also performs a function in the endocrine system: it secretes the hormone insulin into the blood, where it regulates glucose levels. he liver is the largest gland of the human body and the second largest organ (the skin is the largest). It has numerous functions, and a large part of the body's general equilibrium depends on it.

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