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B. Bacterial infections This risk is estimated at 1:400,000 transfusions (The SHOT Committee 2000). c. Creutzfeld-Jacob disease Universal leucodepletion of all blood prepared for transfusion, excluding previously transfused UK donors and excluding donor plasma from fractionation are precautionary measures instituted to prevent the transmission of CJD (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network 2001). Direct immune injury Mild haemolytic reactions range from 1:5,000 to severe haemolytic reactions and anaphylaxis in 1:600,000 (Callaghan 2000).

Palcic, M. , et al. (2002). The structural basis for specificity in human ABO(H) blood group biosynthesis. Nature Structural Biology, Vol. 9, No. 9, pp. 685-690. ISSN 1072-8368 Putkonen, T. (1930). Über die gruppenspezifischen Eigenschaften Verschiedener Korperflussigkeiten. Acta Soc Med Fenn Duodecim Ser A, Vol. 14, pp. 113-153. Race, R. , & Sanger, R. (1975). ). Blackwell Scientific Publications. ISBN: 0632004312, Oxford, Philadelphia, USA. , & Dabelsteen, E. (2000). Tissue distribution of histo-blood group antigens.

74 grams of haemoglobin(Toy 1992). 1 units. 4 grams of haemoglobin(Keating 1998;Mylod, Jr 1990) and may be higher in cementless knee replacements(Hays 1988). 3 units for revision THRs have been documented(Bae 2001). The rates for knee replacements are not well studied but are estimated at 1 – 2 units for primary surgery and can be up to 3-4 units for revision surgery(Callaghan 2000). Other settings which present major blood loss scenarios in orthopaedic surgery include:    Pelvic surgery Tumour surgery Bilateral primary joint replacement 3.

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