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By Helmut Sigel, Roland Sigel

Steel Ions in organic structures is dedicated to expanding our figuring out of the connection among the chemistry of metals and lifestyles procedures. The volumes mirror the interdisciplinary nature of bioinorganic chemistry and coordinate the efforts of researchers within the fields of biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, biophysics, pharmacy, and medication. quantity forty three specializes in the colourful examine region in regards to the biking of parts, metals, and non-metals in biology and geology; in 10 chapters this e-book bargains an authoritative and well timed account in this attention-grabbing topic

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Maecke 5. Cisplatin and Related Anticancer Drugs: Recent Advances and Insights Katie R. Barnes and Stephen J. Lippard 6. The Effect of Cytoprotective Agents in Platinum Anticancer Therapy Michael A. Jakupec, Markus Galanski, and Bernhard K. Keppler 7. Antitumor Active Trans-Platinum Compounds Giovanni Natile and Mauro Coluccia 8. Polynuclear Platinum Drugs Nicholas P. Farrell 9. Platinum(IV) Anticancer Complexes Matthew D. Hall, Rachael Dolman, and Trevor W. Hambley Copyright 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group xliii xliv Contents of Previous Volumes 10.

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