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Can Mineral 37:37-52 Bryce DL, Wasylishen RE (1999) Beryllium-9 NMR study of solid bis(2,4-pentanedionato-0,0’)beryllium and theoretical studies of 9Be electric field gradient and chemical shielding tensors. First evidence for anisotropic beryllium shielding. J Phys Chem A 103:7364-7372 Brydson R, Vvedensky DD, Engel W, Sauer H, Williams BG, Zeitler E, Thomas JM (1988a) Chemical information from electron-energy-loss near-edge structure. Core hole effects in the beryllium and boron K-edges in rhodizite.

Scotland. Am Mineral 85:1474-1484 Barbier J, Grew ES, Moore PB, Su S-C (1999) Khmaralite, a new beryllium-bearing mineral related to sapphirine: A superstructure resulting from partial ordering of Be, Al and Si on tetrahedral sites. Am Mineral 84:1650-1660 Barbier J, Grew ES, Yates MG, Shearer CK (2001) Beryllium minerals related to aenigmatite. Geol Assoc Canada-Mineral Assoc Canada, Joint Ann Meet Abstr 26:7 Barbier J, Grew ES, Hålenius E, Hålenius U, Yates MG (2002) The role of Fe and cation order in the crystal chemistry of surinamite, (Mg,Fe2+)3(Al,Fe3+)3O[AlBeSi3O15]: A crystal structure, Mössbauer spectroscopic, and optical spectroscopic study.

Anal Sci Technol 13(1):12-21 (in Korean)[not consulted; Chem Abstracts 133:98757] Kimura K (1960) Chemical investigations of minerals containing rare elements from the Far East. No. 56. Allanite from Daibosatsu Pass, Yamanashi Prefecture. Nippon Kagaku Zasshi (J Chem Soc Japan, Pure Chem Sect) 81:1238-1239 (in Japanese) [Chem Abstracts 55:7173f] King JR (2002) The evolution of galactic beryllium and boron traced by magnesium and calcium. Pub Astron Soc Pacific 114:25-28 King VT, Foord EE (1994) Mineralogy of Maine.

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