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- Promotes ladies' self-esteem
- universal tween & youngster scenarios
- discuss It dialogue questions
- suggestion from Dr. Vicki
- Get fit counsel

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They knew she would know. Glancing at her own report card made Hannah’s stomach hurt. It wasn’t terrible—but it sure didn’t look like Victoria’s, and it never had. Hannah was great in 60 Beautiful Me some subjects, and those As were easy, but she struggled in other classes, such as math and science. She usually got a combination of Bs and Cs. Why couldn’t she be as smart as Victoria? Both sisters studied the same amount. They both did their homework. It didn’t seem fair. Talk About It • Why does Hannah compare herself to Victoria?

Just because you aren’t interested in boys, clothes, and makeup, or are curious about another girl’s body, does not mean you are gay. But, feeling attraction for another girl may, in fact, indicate that you are gay. Being gay is not bad or wrong. It is simply who you were born to be. Nothing makes you gay, and there’s nothing you can do to stop being gay. It’s not a choice; it’s just part of who you are. Talking to your parents can be a great way to get some of your questions answered. If you are worried about how they might react, you might try talking to an older sister or other relative about it, or even a friend’s mom or guidance counselor.

When she explained what had happened at the dinner table, Victoria’s eyes got wide. ” she asked. “You are really brave! I would never, ever, ever be able to do that. ” Hannah was speechless. She could do something her sister couldn’t? This had to be a first. “Come on, let’s go tell Mom and Dad,” added Victoria. ” Hannah smiled. It sure was nice being the one in the spotlight for a change. Getting Down on Yourself Talk About It • Why is Hannah so surprised at Victoria’s reaction to her news? • Has a sibling ever been there for you when you needed it?

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