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A guy pulled from an explosion undergoes 40 surgical procedures to regard burns on eighty percentage of his body.A woman rescued from a burning motor vehicle gets donor pores and skin grafts to heal accidents everywhere her physique. Scientists are engaged on a method to assist burn sufferers regrow their very own epidermis to fast hide burns and different wounds. that is robust medication!

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Silverstein, Alvin, Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn. Burns and Blisters. Danbury, CT: Franklin Watts, 2002. Learn more about how a burn damages the skin and the treatment of this injury. The emphasis is on how to avoid burns. Johnson, Rebecca L. Ultra-Organized Cell Systems. Minneapolis: Millbrook Press, 2008. Clear simple text, exact medical drawings, and humorous art explain how cells organize into tissue, organs, and organ systems. php Play this animated game to practice fire safety.

A doctor attaches artificial skin to a burn victim’s back. 35 In the future, people who suffer severe burns may not need grafts. In 2008 Dr. Joerg Gerlach began testing a new system to regrow skin. First, researchers collect a sample of the patient’s healthy skin. Next, they process this sample to remove the skin’s stem cells. The scientists load the stem cells into a sterile (absolutely clean) spray gun and spray them as a fine mist over the burn wound. They cover the wound with a dressing to which tubes are connected.

Our skin is our largest organ, and it protects our bodies, but we need to take care of it. ” 32 This is Tony after his successful skin-grafting surgeries. 33 New Sk in Techniques Researchers have found a way to grow skin in a laboratory. First, they remove a postagestamp-sized slice of healthy epidermis from the patient’s body. Then they provide a mesh framework for the skin cells. The cells split and grow rapidly on this supporting framework. In about three weeks, the postage-stamp-sized slice of skin becomes postcard-sized.

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