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By Lorraine Horsley

There is plenty to benefit approximately child animals, are they cubs or calves, doggies or young ones? Which child belongs to which mom? This non-fiction identify talks approximately diversified animals and their infants with actual illustations, attention-grabbing truth labels and punctiliously levelled textual content.

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Snout This weevil is a giraffe weevil. It has a long neck, just like the neck of a giraffe. 29 eXtinct Xerces Some insects are endangered, and some are already extinct. ” The Xerces Blue butterfly is an extinct species of butterfly. This butterfly is believed to be extinct due to habitat loss. Habitat loss is losing one’s home. The Xerces Blue butterfly was last seen around 1941. Your favorite insect What is your favorite insect? Draw a picture or make a design of an insect you find weird or beautiful.

31 Glossary Note: Some boldfaced words are defined mimicry A color, pattern, or growth that where they appear in the book.

Zebra longwing caterpillars have sharp spines that keep predators away. Zebra longwing butterflies have poison in their bodies that can kill predators. 31 Glossary Note: Some boldfaced words are defined mimicry A color, pattern, or growth that where they appear in the book.

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