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This carrying on with sequence explores varied ailments to teach the technological know-how at the back of how disease-causing organisms impact the physique. Microorganisms have plagued people because the starting of time, inflicting debilitating ailments or even demise. yet how, precisely, do those microorganisms infect and reason illness? The books during this sequence research quite a few microbiological scourges that experience affected people in addition to the stairs which have been taken to spot, isolate, hinder, and eliminate them. each one name will define the historical past and coverings of the illnesses, highlighting how advancements in prevention and therapy innovations have affected the disease's influence at the international inhabitants. sometimes called the chicken flu, avian influenza is a sickness that when contaminated simply birds yet has obtained the facility to contaminate people with lethal effects.

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Although these viruses are not considered to be avian influenza viruses, the viruses do contain many of the components of the avian strains. The relationship that has been drawn recently is actually another result of the food markets. A bird that is infected with the avian influenza virus may transmit the virus to a pig or to a human. The results of this infection can often be much more deadly in the pigs and humans than in the birds. Furthermore, the avian viruses may combine with other mammalian viruses to generate pathogens with the potential to cause pandemics that could cripple entire countries.

Although a precise mechanism has not been defined for establishing a reservoir, different forces may be involved. Selective pressure leads to an increase in the number of organisms that have characteristics or modifications beneficial to their survival and reproduction. Over time, these characteristics become an established feature of the organism. The process by which an organism gains these beneficial characteristics is called adapation. Adaptation is a critical component of evolution. The virus could eventually evolve to evade the host’s immune system, to a point where it sufficiently mimics the host’s own cellular components.

The direct result of tolerated mutations or changes in the virus is the continued evasion of the host’s immune system. The antibodies that are created by the immune system recognize specific structures or shapes that are present on the components of the virus, known as epitopes. Antibodies are the primary defense against an avian influenza virus infection and are capable of inactivating the virus when they bind to these epitopes. The nature of the interaction between antibodies and avian influenza virus will be discussed in further detail in Chapter 6.

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