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The next phase in the production of the atlas requires the generation of maps that display the pointbased sampling data as isolines of caesium deposition. This complex topic is covered more in detail in Appendix D. Once the deposition maps have been calculated, powerful analysis of the data can be undertaken. The relationship between various themes can be investigated by the simplest of GIS operations such as overlay and buffering. For example, all towns within 100 km of the Chernobyl site can be identified, the relationship between caesium deposition, topography and precipitation levels can be correlated while the effect of urban heat islands on deposition patterns can be assessed.

The number of discrete data (ie, deposition level at a particular location) used in compiling the maps are indicated in Table B1. They do not, however, necessarily represent the actual number of measurements made nor transmitted. In some countries (especially in Belarus and Ukraine) the reported data are often aggregates of many measurements (eg, to be representative of particular settlements) made in more extensive monitoring campaigns. 6 kBq m added to correct for global fallout reselection of original data -2 over 1 kBq m soil sample analysis in laboratory field (in-situ) gamma-spectrometry mobile gamma-spectrometry airborne gamma-spectrometry no information not applicable some of these data represent aggregated values obtained from more than one measurement; many of the data for Belarus and Ukraine represent aggregated values obtained from several thousands of original measurements Corrections in agreement with the data provider excluding Sicily APPENDIX B Summary of deposition measuring techniques and data correction for radioactive decay.

As p is increased, the individual weights become more dissimilar and almost no weight is given to distant samples so that the local variability becomes more important. 45 APPENDIX D Interpolation procedure applied to the basic data When processing the data, two parameters have to be defined: the search for neighbourhoods and the value of the exponent. The search for neighbourhoods. Two options were considered in defining a “nearby” sample. Neighbours can be defined by convention as a minimum number of samples or by a maximum radius of search.

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