Download At the Nuclear Precipice: Catastrophe or Transformation? by Edited by Richard A. Falk By (author) David Krieger PDF

By Edited by Richard A. Falk By (author) David Krieger

Geschichte Des Unendlichkeitsproblems Im Abendlandischen Denken Bis Kant (1896)

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If all of humanity does not collectively act to abolish this weapon, this weapon can single-handedly destroy all of humanity. Public opinion needs to be alerted and public information needs to be stepped up. International lawyers need to play a lead role in this process, not merely by disseminating information among themselves, but also by carrying it to the public. International law is one of those areas veiled in obscurity as far as the general public is concerned. We need to make it one of the great illuminated places of the law, which it deserves to be-a place from which light and learning and hope radiate to all ranks of the public.

The public needs to be reminded that they were all achieved through the sacrifice of millions of lives and through a succession of wars and massacres that have darkened the pages of recorded history. There were always resolutions at the end of such catastrophes that people would unite to prevent them from occurring again, but those resolutions were permitted to evaporate when the terrible events that prompted them receded into the past. It is paradoxical also that the vast majorities of these good citizens, who by their inaction are parties to the impending destruction of civilization, also profess one or other of the great religions that have taught human beings to look to the higher values in the governance of their daily conduct-of which peace, goodwill, reconciliation, forgiveness, the peaceful settlement of disputes, the outlawing of cruelty, environmental protection, stewardship of earth's resources, human dignity, the unity of the human family, the protection of future generations, the love of children and good neighborliness are all basic teachings.

Frustrated and dismayed that the arms controllers were avoiding the "D" word-disarmament-dozens of NGOs from around the world adopted a comprehensive nuclear disarmament platform calling for the "definite and conditional" extension of the NPT and immediate commencement of negotiations on a verifiable treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons, with the treaty to be completed by the year 2000. By the end of the conference, hundreds of groups had signed the Abolition 2000 Statement, and the Abolition 2000 Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons was born.

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