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By Anthony Appiah

This e-book develops intimately the easy concept that statement is the expression of trust. In it the writer places ahead a model of 'probabilistic semantics' which recognizes that we're not completely rational, and which bargains an important strengthen in generality on theories of that means couched when it comes to fact stipulations. It gives you to problem a few entrenched and common perspectives in regards to the family members of language and brain. half I provides a functionalist account of trust, labored via a changed kind of choice conception. partly II the writer generates a idea of that means by way of 'assertibility conditions', wherein to grasp the that means of an statement is to understand the idea it expresses.

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It is our talk about animals, so we might understand the beliefs that undergird their behaviour as structured in ways that are reflected in the structures of the sentences we use to talk about them. This consideration, then, certainly is not decisive. But my second line of objection does show decisively that natural language sentences will not do on their own as the objects of belief, and it is just this: there simply are not enough sentences to do the job. There are many topics about which I have beliefs but for which there are no sentences in English, or, so far as I know, in any language.

I object to attempts to explain the representational features of beliefs by supposing them to be in some obvious sense isomorphic to sentences; and I want now to say why. To begin with, we must be clear what we are thinking about. If beliefs are stored as sentences, they must be stored as sentence tokens, and not as sentence 19 types; tokens of the same sentence type are isomorphic. So that if beliefs are stored as sentences they must be stored as states which have the same structure as sentences, in a sense yet to be elucidated.

By combining functionalism with a computational view of the mind we shall be able to treat beliefs and desires and the rest of the propositional attitudes as relations between agents and representations, while at the same time insisting that the relation be realised in states of agents individuated by their causal roles. On the view I have outlined, when agents are in the relation to a representation, which makes it true that they believe something, they are in a state with a certain causal role; a causal role which is individuated, in part, by the structure of the representation.

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