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By Victor Garcia Aprea; et al

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Before using this object, we check to see if it’s Nothing, which will be the case if the method is called at design time. With this CHAPTER 2 ■ SPINNER CONTROL reference, we can call GetManifestResourceStream() with the name of the resource to retrieve, and get a Stream object pointing to it. Saving it to the private variable is just a matter of using a StreamReader to read it until the end. We expose several properties for our control: ButtonSize, Value, Increment, Maximum, Minimum, ButtonAlign, and TextAlign.

In this case, we are only concerned with the ForeColor property; however, we could easily apply any property we see fit. The method then adds the label to the table cell’s Controls collection and returns the table cell to the caller, where it will be added to the collection of the HtmlTableRow, and, in turn, to the Rows collection of the HtmlTable. At this point, the control is in a workable condition. All the code to implement the functionality is in place and we can now compile it and start using it.

Browsing the Spinner control properties At run time, each click of the up or down arrows will change the value in steps of 10 (see Figure 2-4). Figure 2-4. The Spinner control in action CHAPTER 2 ■ SPINNER CONTROL Limitations One limitation is related to number format. In some countries, the negative symbol may be located in a different place (at the end of the number, for example), or may even be represented with another symbol. This is not allowed in our control, which only accepts the negative sign at the beginning of the value.

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