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By Colin Maclachlan, Alan W. Reid

Lately there was enormous curiosity in constructing suggestions in keeping with quantity thought to assault difficulties of 3-manifolds; includes many examples and plenty of difficulties; Brings jointly a lot of the present literature of Kleinian teams in a transparent and concise approach; at the present no such textual content exists

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I f k is a number field, then from the preceding section we can embed k in l . l u · completions kv for each finite and infinite place of k. Thus if (V, B) regular quadratic space over k, then it gives rise to regular quadratic :;paees over the local fields, CC , JR, and It> for each finite place P. ltcgular quadratic spaces over CC are classified up to isometry by their di­ I f 'nsion and over lR by their dimension and signature, which is the number , f positive eigenvalues minus the number of negative eigenvalues.

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