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By Donald Langmuir

Langmuir offers a radical presentation of traditional chemical concentrations, platforms and methods to aid readers (1) comprehend controls at the chemical caliber of floor and subsurface waters, and (2) distinguish among the typical and the anthropogenic. not like such a lot authors, whose civil/sanitary engineering backgrounds advertise a extra aquatic chemistry standpoint, Langmuir?s geology/geochemistry event focuses assurance at the chemical interactions among water and geological fabrics. The booklet presents invaluable education in utilizing within the geochemical computing device code MINTEQA2 as an imperative problem-solving instrument.

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9sMnoosCO, is an ideal solid solution, calculate its free energy of formation. (b) Write the dissolution reaction for the solid solution and calculate its solubility product. 05 mg/L. Assuming dissolved Ca 2+ = 1O-,IK) M and CO~- = 10- 548 M, compute Mn2+(aq) at equilibrium with this solid solution. Compare this result to Mn2+(aq) at saturation with respect to pure rhodocrosite. How do both of these concentrations compare to the drinking water standard? 9. Assume that Henry's law applies to minor component Band Raoult's law to major component A of binary solid solution, A I_NBNX, and that A and B have the same charge.

Sausalito. CA) and a leastsum-of-squares curve-fitting routine to generate functions of the general form used in this table from the empirical data. First (K,) and second (K2 ) stepwise acid dissociation constants (indicated by I and 2 in the "K,," column. _, A- K ,- [Wj [Hn_,A-] [HnAI -~---------~ Hn_1A- +=! H+ + HII _ 2A 2 -. _2A2-1 K,=-·----[H,,_,A-] The "d" in the "Kn" column indicates that K values are for the ion pair dissociation reactions. Solubility products (indicated by "sp" in the "K,," column) are of the form Ksp = [MI"[LI" for the salt M"L" in equilibrium aqueous species M and L.

For many of the other reactions, accurate prediction of Key with the van't Hoff equation is limited to within ± 10 to 20 degrees of the reference temperature of 25°C. Earlier, in our introduction to enthalpy concepts, we defined exothermic (negative Min and endothermic (positive Min reactions. Exothermic reactions give off heat. reverse reaction is favored by an increase in temperature (reactant concentrations increase at the expense of product concentrations), thus Key values for the reaction decrease as the temperature rises.

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