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By Leonard E. Read

"My thesis," Leonard learn informs us during this amazing booklet, "in easiest phrases, is: allow a person do whatever he pleases, as long as it's peaceable; the position of presidency, then, is to maintain the peace." simply so. This e-book is a vintage, compelling assertion of the political philosophy of libertarianism and assertion of the guiding ideas of the root for monetary schooling.

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CHAPTER 3 • STRIFE AS A WAY OF LIFE BROADLY SPEAKING, there are two opposing philosophies of human relationships. One commends that these relationships be in terms of peace and harmony. The other, while never overtly commended, operates by way of strife and violence. One is peaceful; the other unpeaceful. When peace and harmony are adhered to, only willing exchange exists in the market place-the economics of reciprocity and practice of the Golden Rule. No special privilege is countenanced. All men are equal before the law, as before God.

Galloping" inflation is the type that Germany experienced following World War I and France during her issuance of the assignats. China's money went "galloping" not too long ago, and the same can be said for the Latin American currencies right now. I own one piece of Bolivia's currencY-Io,ooo Bolivianos. In 1935 it had the purchasing power of 4,600 of our 1964 dollars. What now? Eighty cents! There is galloping inflation for you and brought about-they had no wars-by socialism. In every instance "galloping" inflation has been preceded by "creeping" inflation.

This is to ask what can be done by and what are the limitations of a gun, a billy club, a clenched fist. Clearly, they can inhibit, restrain, penalize, destroy. These are the identical possibilities and limitations of law or decree backed by force. Nothing more! Law and decree cannot serve as a creative force, any more than can a gun. Coercively directed action can create nothing. Consider the driving of an automobile. No person would be a safe driver if he had to think his way through each act of steering, accelerating, or braking.

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