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By David Henderson, G. C. Harcourt, Geoffrey Owen

Within the final twenty-five years, many nations have launched into programmes of financial liberalisation. yet, David Henderson argues, it's a mistake to think that monetary liberalism has triumphed: anti-liberal forces are robust and in a few respects have won floor. Henderson analyses those forces, new and outdated. as well as the ongoing carry of 'pre-economic ideas', new parts comprise anti-market NGOs, a much broader circle of perceived 'victims of injustice', the unfold of labour industry law, and an 'alarmist consencus' approximately globalisation and environmental degradation. the mix of previous and new rules leads to 'new millennium collectivism', which gives the most impetus in the back of the anti-liberalism of at the present time. Geoffrey Harcourt, in a statement, concurs with a few of Henderson's perspectives, yet disagrees rather at the desire for minimal criteria in labour markets. He contends additionally that Henderson is just too challenging on NGOs and too inspired with the long term aggressive equilibrium version. David Henderson responds to the reviews and units out extra concerns that must be explored.

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This does not mean that I agreed with the use and abuse of union power. In the 1970s in my own country (Australia) I was appalled at the irresponsibility of such behaviour and said so publicly in hostile forums. Nevertheless I could never go along with Friedman who would rid us completely of unions but who turns a much kinder eye on large firms, arguing that in a world context they are akin to the small price-takers of the modern competitive model. 3 And I have queried whether the long-period competitive equilibrium model is a good guide both to understanding modern economies and for providing the basis for development of appropriate policies.

I am now in the course of finishing an essay on this subject, entitled ‘Misguided virtue: false notions of corporate social responsibility’. Working through the background reading for this, the writings of those in and around the business world who favour CSR, has proved a truly depressing task. ’, London, Social Affairs Unit, 1998. new millennium collectivism development. It is indeed true that this principle is now widely accepted, by governments as well as in unofficial circles: a recent instance is last year’s OECD Ministerial Communique, which includes the statement that ‘The pursuit of sustainable development .

The rush approach to transition following the advice of many western economists has been disastrous for the most vulnerable members of their societies; with more forethought and less haste, much of this could 42 comments on the wincott lecture 2000 have been avoided. To make a world safe for spivs surely cannot have been anyone’s intention? David stresses the high priority that he gives to freedom of contract, especially in the labour market. There is almost a Hayekian fervour in his advocacy and much substance in what he has to say.

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