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Discusses the sickness and its prevention in animals and the way to reply to anthrax bioweapons.

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These scientific breakthroughs provided researchers with the information necessary to develop anthrax vaccines. The first anthrax vaccine for animals contained live, but attenuated (weakened) Bacillus anthracis spores. The vaccine was developed in 1880 by William S. Greenfield at the Brown Animal Sanatory Institution in London. Shortly afterward, the well-known French scientist Louis Pasteur formulated a similar anthrax vaccine. Pasteur’s live-spore vaccine was made from a strain of Bacillus anthracis that had lost some of its ability to form anthrax toxins.

Suggested that four autoimmune diseases and two cancers were statistically related to anthrax vaccination. . ” Nass also observes that “Currently, a number of lawsuits are in the courts related to problems Adverse reactions to anthrax vaccine call for immediate treatment to prevent complications from setting in. ” 21 Furthermore, the number of adverse reactions to anthrax vaccine may be higher than that reported to VAERS. S. ” The GAO report also observes that “among those who took one or more shots .

S. troops that participated in the Persian Gulf War in 1991, over one hundred thousand became ill after returning home. The ailing soldiers reported a variety of symptoms such as headaches, skin rashes, diarrhea, fatigue, confusion, fever, night sweats, joint and muscle pains, dizziness, loss of memory, sleep disturbances, abdominal bloating, lingering bronchitis, vision problems, irritability, and depression. These symptoms are not consistent with any specific disease and were collectively named Gulf War syndrome or Gulf War illness.

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