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By R. M. Steffen (auth.), Hans van Krugten, Bob van Nooijen (eds.)

In 1969 we feit that the topic of angular correlations in nuclear disintegrat­ ion had bought little distinctive recognition at foreign meetings. it's real that perturbed angular correlations have been mentioned at a smalI, hugely - specialized assembly at Uppsala in 1963 and that during 1967 convinced features of perturbed angular correlations were thought of at a convention on hyperfine constitution at Asilomar. notwithstanding, either meetings have been very constrained in scope from the perspective of a low - power nuclear physicist. in addition to, for the reason that those meetings have been being held, the sector of perturbed ?ngular correlations had got new impetus from the nonetheless ex­ panding program of the implantation of radioactive isotopes in appropriate environ­ ments, from the development of enormous superconductive magnets, and so forth. in the meantime, the means of measuring correlations among beta debris and circularly polarized gamma rays were built to one of these measure that they lent themselves to the in­ vestigation of beta decay, nuclear constitution and cost dependence of nuclear forces. The systematic examine of heavy components had elevated the import an ce of alpha-gamma angular correlations which current their very own particular difficulties. Theoretical inner conversion information had develop into on hand to such an quantity that electron -gamma direct­ ional correlations turned a massive device within the research of nuclear constitution: in quite a few situations it really is greater to review electron -gamma corre­ lations rather than the widely measured gamma -gamma directional correlations.

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And Meth. 66 (1968) 61). The method was tested with good results for sodium iodide crystals (fig. 5) and then applied to 20 and 30 cm 3 coaxial type Ge (Li) detectors. 5%, respectively, for curves fitted to the data points. In a later papers 0) the same authors make detailed investigations on two types of detectors including checks of symmetry and shape of the active volume. It was found for both cylindrical and trapezoidal detectors that the agreement between data from the absorber technique and the calculations was improved when the 'effective' geometry (obtained from scans with a collimated beam) was used in the calculations.

Internal conversion coefficient~, shapes ofbeta spectra). N~L(U where IN is the nuclear current operator. J = iL [ L(L 1 It + 1) J 2 jL (kr) YLM (r) (80b) will be used. ~~e~ +p~~~)o 8 Mp (82) LM where~±= +2- 112 (:! ±iYJ(I~1 = Iyl = 1). : LMlT H(1, p)O = v'iir L (2L+1) 1/2 pAlT cS Mp Ht~t (,y, emission) (83) LM1T where the operator for emission of LM1T gamma multipole radiation is: (84) H1T (1 emission) = (1' A(1T) )T=1' A(Tf)* = (_l)L-M+1i .. N~-M where eq. (81) has been used. e. , respectively, which transform under the time - reversal operation T as TE.

If, among the correlations, there is one wh ich is completely known from other evidence (such as a 0-2-0 cascade) it can be used as a check on the normalization of all the other cascades. 2. In the case of levels reached in nuclear reactions all transitions proceeding from the same state contain information on the population parameters of this specific initial state and the ratio of unknown parameters to data points is reduced. As an example, stripping using the least squares method took in the case of a 80 - 79 channel coincidence spectrum about 2 hours on a PDP - 7 computer when the number of'Y - components was m = 8.

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