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By Anthony David

An incredible Friendship is the twin biography of Israeli Ruth Dayan, now ninety-eight, who was once Moshe Dayan's spouse for thirty-seven years, and Palestinian journalist Raymonda Tawil, Yasser Arafat's better half's mother, now seventy-four. It finds for the 1st time the 2 women's fantastic and mystery forty-year friendship and promises the tale in their impressive and turbulent lives turning out to be up in a war-torn country.

Based on own interviews, diaries, and journals drawn from either women—Ruth lives this day in Tel Aviv, Raymonda in Malta—author Anthony David promises a fast moving, attention-grabbing narrative that may be a appealing tale of reconciliation and wish in a weather of unending clash. via experiencing their tales and following their budding dating, which all started after the Six-Day struggle in 1967, we research the behind-the-scenes, undisclosed heritage of the center East's such a lot influential leaders from famous ladies on each side of the continued conflict.

An award-winning biographer and historian, Anthony David brings us the tale of unforeseen friendship whereas he discovers the real pasts of 2 impressive ladies. Their tale provides voice to Israelis and Palestinians stuck within the heart East clash and holds a power religion in a way forward for peace.

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