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By Don Herweck

Albert Einstein is definitely one of the such a lot influential scientist and maximum physicist of the 20th century. He revolutionized our rules approximately time and area and is healthier identified for his thought of relativity and his equation E=mc^2, and is the reason the connection among strength and mass. via age 30, he used to be thought of via many to be one of many world's maximum medical thinkers.

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The top two could have served as weapons but the bottom one is usually described as an axe-hammer because one end could have been used as an axe, the other as a hammer. Because they are preserved so well they were probably for display as much as for use. Neolithic axe made of rhyolitic tuff, a volcanic rock Reproduction wooden stick Sharpened wooden point for digging hard ground Dual-purpose granite axe-hammer Carved stone maul a war club or mace made by Haida Indians, a North American tribe who live on islands off British Colun bia, Canada South African digging stick with horn point and stone weight Pebbles, like this quartzite example, were sometimes pierced and used to weight the end of pointed wooden sticks.

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