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By Mike O'Donnell

Age and new release introduces scholars to the most sociological and anthropological concerns surrounding this subject, from formative years to previous age, and focuses, particularly, on early life tradition.

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Anti-school subcultures An anti-school subculture is a group of young people who opt out of the academic goals of the educational system and find their main expression in pleasure-seeking leisure activities. Its members tend either actively or passively to oppose the school hierarchy and smooth functioning of the school. The majority of anti-school subcultures are 53 working class, and they have been found to arise in grammar, secondary modern, and comprehensive schools. In this section we will attempt to find out why.

The commercial mass media was the means which made possible the ‘explosion’ of youth in the mid-1950s and early 1960s. If the ‘explosion’ did not begin in America, then that is certainly where the energy and impetus were strongest initially. Money and youthful energy were the driving forces, though they were not always possessed by the same people. The postwar American youth market was huge and the leisure industry was soon competing for its favours. The American32 produced film The Blackboard Jungle is often thought of as the symbolic beginning of ‘modern youth culture’.

Hall and Jefferson stress that hegemony can be resisted: ‘Hegemony, then, is not universal and “given” to the continuing rule of a particular class. It has to be won, worked for, reproduced, sustained. Hegemony is, as Gramsci said, a “moving equilibrium”, containing “relations of forces favourable or unfavourable to this or that tendency”. It is a matter of the nature of the balance struck 43 between contending classes: the compromises made to sustain it; the relations of force; the solutions adopted.

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