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By G. F. Rossi (auth.), Professor Jan Gybels, Professor Edward R. Hitchcock, Priv.-Doz. Christoph Ostertag, Professor Gian Franco Rossi, Professor Jean Siegfried, Professor Gabor Szikla (eds.)

Local interstitial radiation treatment of intrinsic and inaccessible mind tumors is faced with significant difficulties: 1. The tolerance of ordinary mind tissue, that's often concerned about neighborhood tumor irradiation, i.e. perifocal white subject edema and demyelinating results, is essential. 2. facts on radiation results of implanted radioactive assets on neoplastic tissue, i.e. facts at the radiosensitivity and at the biology of tumors, are nonetheless largely unavailable. In scientific perform the dose with which to accomplish a given quantity of tumor necrosis is approximately anticipated. This file bargains with the experimental findings of Iodine-125 and Iridium-I92 everlasting implants in fit and neoplastic mind tissue. Our personal experimental findings are correlated with experimental facts on Yttnul11-l)O irradiation from the literature. The research is directed to gather information at the tolerance non-tumoral mind tissue and to try to set up a dose-response courting. Morphologic alterations within the puppy mind Following Interstitial Iodine-125 Irradiation Iodine-I25 seeds (manufactured by way of three M corporation, St. Paul, M. N.) with an task of 3.55 mCi have been completely implanted below stereotactic stipulations into the subcortical white subject of the gyrus coronalis of the left hemisphere in 6 beagle canines. One animal with a non-radioactive seed implanted below comparable operative stipulations served as a keep watch over. The animals have been allowed to outlive 25, forty six, seventy one, ninety four, 248, 368 days, respectively, after the implantation. The keep watch over animal survived forty six days. a close description of the experimental technique is given in different places sixteen. 17.

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7. Cooley, 1. , Tukey, J. , An algorithm for the machine calculation of complex Fourier series. Mathematics of Computation 19 (1965), 267-301. 8. , Fourier-Analyse von Elektroenzephalogrammen des Menschen. Pflugers Arch. 230 (1932), 106-112. 9. , Causality or driving in electrophysiological signal analysis. Mathematical Biosciences 14 (1972),177-196. 10. Lopes da Silva, F. , Detection of non-stationarities in EEGs using the autoregressive model. An application to EEG of epileptics. ), pp. 180---199.

We have employed time series of power spectra also for the analysis of ictal depth EEG recordings (Fig. 5). Besides other numerical tabulations 20, we have plotted spectra in a given time interval for all 32 channels. Values are normalized to the maximum power, occurring in all channels in a given interval (Fig. 6). Moreover, spectra were followed in a given channel for all analyzed time intervals (Fig. 7). The amount of research concerning the analysis of seizure recordings is still very limited.

J :. /. ... //. ·~. '/'" - fr "-\\ --..... --_. L ...... \ ABC Y' 5 \ 7 6 8 / 11 1//1 V G 0 . / / I-' \ -:1. V V ......... f /. : ... ; . "'"0. ··. . I . 1/ I . . \\ . Y \ 0/ I .. : 1 1\ . ..... ~ U . ----- - ) ···K . ~,.. --:... ~ 7 8 CACP 9 1'G \ 11 ~,~ ~ \ 12 ~\ ............ l.. -~ '-I.. 'oJ ~ " ,/ ~\ ~/ o C B A Fig. 1. Lateral projection of 157 electrodes (16 patients). L 83, R 74 3. There was a strict relationship between the type of the discharge and the modalities of the ocular deviation: when the discharge is fast, the eye movement is rapid and continuous; a discharge of slow, pseudorythmic spikes is related to a brisk, saccadic adversion.

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