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Specializes in professional-level JavaScript concepts, together with the most recent advancements.

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So let’s do the obligatory “Hello World” sample that every programming book starts off with. It will show you how to input text and some basic HTML. n 15 My First HTML Page

Hello World

Believe it or not, this little snippet shows you most of what you need to know about HTML. To begin with, note that everything is contained between the and tags. These two commands define the beginning and the end of the HTML document.

Any script can be placed very easily by encasing the script you write inside of two commands: There is a variety of scripting languages available for the web including VBScript (based on the Visual Basic programming language), CGI, and of course, JavaScript. ") Figure 2-3. An alert box. Let me stress that what I have just covered are simply the essentials of writing HTML code. You can find a number of books that go into HTML in more depth than this.

Although clientside JavaScript is by far the most important and useful, there are many other implementations of the language. For example, you can use JavaScript for server-side applications using the LiveWire compiler. Server-side JavaScript is actually an alternative to traditional CGI programming via Perl and C++. JavaScript is a very convenient language; thus, it is used alongside many other languages (such as VRML) and for various purposes. Another example of using JavaScript is for automatic proxy configuration.

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