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The government's licensed them. you don't want a prescription. you will get them at essentially any industry. So, there is evidently no probability in over the counter medicinal drugs, right?Wrong.The basic truth is that once taken in methods except as directed, over the counter medicines could be simply as risky as many unlawful medicines. and since there is a fake experience of protection concerning the medicines - and since they're in virtually everyone's domestic medication cupboard - the abuse and misuse of over the counter medicines are at the rise.''Abusing over the counter medicinal drugs: Illicit makes use of for daily Drugs'' provides the proof approximately this alarming trend.Readers will examine what medications are so much misused, the consequences of misused over the counter drugs, and what the govt. is doing to stem the matter. Readers also will locate feedback on the way to get aid to forestall abusing over the counter medicines.

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Its label claimed that the pills treated anemic conditions, nervous disorders, and conditions caused by thin blood. A popular patent medicine of the 1890s, Dr. Williams’ pink-pill cure was only one of many patent medicines sold during the late nineteenth century. According to Dr. Tina Brewster Wray, the Curator of Collections at the White River Valley Museum in Auburn, Washington, medicine merchants marketed over 100,000 brands of patent medicines between 1860 and 1900. But these so-called cures were nothing new.

Parents bought the tasty solution for sons and daughters who had earaches, chest colds, sore throats, high fevers—anything caused by a bacterial infection. The pill form worked well; surely the liquid form of the same medication would work well, too. Unfortunately, children treated with the new liquid didn’t get well. They died. In all, 107 people died (mostly children) from taking Elixir Sulfanilamide. Why? The chemists who developed the elixir knew that sulfanilamide could not be dissolved in water so they used a different, untested liquid in which to dissolve the helpful drug.

This new legislation required drug companies to prove that a new drug was safe before they could sell the drug to the public. For the first time in history, medicines would have to be tested and proved safe before release. Who would examine the proof? A government agency called the United States Food and Drug Administration, what today we refer to as the FDA. The FDA Today: How Safe Is Safe? Today’s FDA is the primary consumer protection agency in the United States. Operating under the authority Today, thanks to the FDA, when we take a medicine, we can be fairly confident that it is safe and effective when used for its approved use.

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