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By Gayle Callen

Within the ultimate instalment of Gayle Callen's fascinating Spies and fans trilogy, a mad–dash look for fact brings jointly an not likely pair – a girl accused of treason, and the guy who convicted her... Now that he ultimately has the notorious traitor, Julia Reed, in prison, you will imagine English agent Samuel Sherryngton will be happy to determine justice served. yet conditions are not consistently what they look like, and the evidence are usually not including up. quickly Sam has doubts over her guilt which, after all, has not anything to do with the charm for Julia he is been scuffling with opposed to for thus a long time. now not prepared to work out her performed for a criminal offense she would possibly not have dedicated, Sam defies the legislation of britain and breaks Julia out of penal complex. What at the beginning begun as a seek to discover facts convicting Julia fast becomes a quest to turn out her innocence. Can this daring and rushing pair observe the reality and nonetheless make time for love?

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There was no corridor to speak of, just three doorways off a landing. They were forced to wait several stairs from the top, where everyone below could see them as if they were the nightly entertainment. She could feel the pairs of eyes, some curious, some envious. A WOMAN’S INNOCENCE 33 Sam stepped onto her stair, crowding her, and leaned back against the wall. She didn’t look at the couple moaning nearby, only stiffened her shoulders and stared at Sam without expres­ sion. “I’ve just paid for you,” he murmured.

She cried out, and the wood gave a mighty squeak. A WOMAN’S INNOCENCE 51 “Ah, that sounded just right,” he said, trying to ignore the warmth and weight of her. She folded her arms across her chest, sat stiffly for a moment, and then finally eased her back against him. He hated that she could probably feel the pounding of his heart. ” she asked. ” But he’d better start thinking of something else or she’d know just what she was sitting on. He gave a couple more bounces to satisfy the tavern customers, and she slapped his arm.

They leered as Julia playfully showed them her ankles. The servants returned twice more, carrying steaming buckets. Sam tossed them each a coin when they were done, and fi­ nally he and Julia were alone. She stood up and let the cloak drop behind her. He thought she’d snap a remark at him, but suddenly she just looked tired and re­ signed. “Please turn around,” she said. He nodded, then took the chair and straddled it, looking out the small window into the dark night. Clothing rustled, followed by a splash as she entered the tub.

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