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Survival of the fittest.


I’ve been exercising since sometime late this Summer. Before that, I hadn’t intentionally done any exercise at all since… shit, like 1999 or something (aside from a couple brief seasons playing in the Art Fag Basketball League). Back then I had a gym membership and spent several days a week training at a Kung Fu Academy. But that was a long, long time ago. And the years since then have been filled with a whole bunch of pizza, chicken cheesesteaks, and sitting on my ass. And while I’ve certainly never been some morbidly obese person, I had certainly fallen out of shape in a big way. That’s what happen when you get older, right?Continue Reading

2011 GetHurt Music Awards!

The only opinion that matters on all things music in 2011.Continue Reading


The most prestigious year-end music list on the entire internet, behold, THE 2010 GETHURT MUSIC AWARDS!Continue Reading

Darwin has autism.

Last week, Darwin had a “full team evaluation” at The Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia. He met with 4 different therapists and doctors who led him through various tests, engaging him in different ways to evaluate his behavior as it relates to the Autism Spectrum. Today, his mother and I met with the team again to discuss their observations, the diagnosis, and the recommended treatment.

The diagnosis is autism. Point blank, no bones about it. Does an atomic bomb do just as much damage if you see it coming? Yes it does.Continue Reading

Something is up with Darwin

Before Darwin, I’d never spent any considerable time around young children. So once he was born, every day proved to be a new experience, which is still the case. Because of that, I didn’t have a great basis for comparison between him and any other “normal” kid. But once he became slightly more mobile and I started to see him in the context of playing with or near other children, I started to notice differences. Subtle differences maybe, but I saw them. I was told that I was being paranoid, and that he was totally fine.Continue Reading