Monthly Archives: June 2009

I’ve been making a new album


It took a long time to actually get on a focused path for this new album. The future of DDC was pretty uncertain after the Human Condition version of the band ended. I wanted some new challenges, but I also wasn’t feeling overly confident. Eventually, I got collaborating with some folks (Anthony Orsino, John Bozzuto, Tom Roller) and the new music started to take shape.

Aside from the staggered start to the making of the album, the biggest issue was the decision to do all the vocals myself. There were a few potential singers in the mix, but none really hit the spot. It was just time to step up and take a shot at using my own voice to convey my ideas for what Dark Disco Club is right now. That also meant I was responsible for all of the lyrics as well. Yikes!

Now that the new album (EP, whatever) is about 96% complete, I can start to get an idea of what we’ve created. And it is surely something I’m proud of. Until an album is complete; mixed, mastered, packaged, etc. you can’t really get the full picture. But it’s moving along well and should be in peoples ears on schedule.

The inspiration for this album came from real life, as usual. I’m not the kind of person that writes elaborate fictional stories or invents characters to populate my songs. I’m also not a person that gets inspired to write much about happiness, joy, or anything positive really. Now, this album does have a bit of… I dunno, cautious optimism, maybe. For example, the song “One Blood” is about a true love and finding a real bond that lasts (hopefully) forever. And while it’s lyrical content is pretty sparse, “Sonrise and the Fall of Man” is just about noticing that one speck of positivity in the midst of a whole world of shit. The other songs touch on sex, hatred, regret, and placing blame for all kinds of good stuff.

Musically, it actually sounds like what I wanted The End to sound like. It’s more “live” and hard rocking than The Human Condition was, but way more diverse and interesting than The End. I’m sure I’ll write more about it when the time gets closer.

Fatherhood: month 22

A few weeks ago, I was at the playground with Darwin, pushing him on a swing. He was smiling, giggling occasionally. We were having a nice relaxing day together. For whatever reason, it dawned on me that such a thing had never been shared between my father and I. I get really emotional when IContinue Reading