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Abandoning the Batcave


I moved into my underground sanctuary at the end of July, and as of tomorrow, I will be gone. For a single, child-less guy, the Batcave would be fine. I didn’t love the fact that I couldn’t control my own heat and often felt too cold, but aside from that, the place served me just fine. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a proper room that could be dedicated to Darwin and all his stuff. There are certainly some aspects of the place that I’ll miss very much, and it represents a phase of my life that won’t be soon forgotten.

Speaking of my life… yeah. A big ol’ WTF is pretty much the best way to describe it these days. It’s so weird how different events happen to coincide at roughly the same time. Hardly anyone would believe it’s just coincidence, and hardly anyone would believe just how little advance notice I have before making choices that I need to make.

I wish things were easier.



Team Me

In my opinion, loyalty is among the most important characteristics that a person can possess. Also, despite so many people’s call to the contrary, you should judge people. You should judge all people that cross your path. To not judge them is reckless and setting yourself up for some potentially disastrous, painful episodes in yourContinue Reading

integrity = poverty

During the opening reception for The Descent Of Man, I was approached by a man I didn’t know. He was a tall, well dressed, older man, and he was there with his family; a wife and two kids. Along with his wife, he came up to me and asked if I was the artist. IContinue Reading