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No one ever said that Album of the Week had to be a new release, so this one is coming at you straight from 1986. Night Songs is the debut album from Philadelphia’s own Cinderella, and unlike the hilariously dated photograph that graces it’s cover, the music itself holds up far better than one would expect over 22 years past it’s release date.

The production in general is on par with albums from this period in time, which is neither good or bad in my opinion. No, it isn’t the most modern sounding album, but it also doesn’t suffer from all the issues that modern albums do (artificially tuned vocals, over-mastering, etc). Without question, what makes Night Songs such a great album is the strength of Tom Keifer’s songwriting. He wrote every song on the album, and each one is great. Trends in music come and go pretty quickly, but at the end of the day a great song is what transcends all of the temporary boundaries caused by genres, image, marketing, etc. In this case, proof lies in the fact that the album was certified TRIPLE PLATINUM well into 1991. Yes, the same 1991 that saw Pearl Jam and Nirvana ushering in the new school of Rock for a whole new generation that had no interest in the spandex and sprayed-high hair of the 1980’s.

Tight pants or not, this is one of the most well-written albums that you could ever be lucky enough to have in your music library.

PS. Seriously, tell me you don’t wanna hear Fiona Apple sing “Nobody’s Fool” while playing it on piano.

fuck everybody.

I had an epiphany last night as I was blasting music through the PA into a mostly empty room at Sal’s on 12th. I realized that I’m too fucking old for this shit. I’m just not able/willing to do what it apparently takes to convince the people I know (and all the strangers of theContinue Reading


Let me start out by making one thing absolutely clear. I like Chird, and consider him a friend. We share some common interests, have similar passion about some issues, and I just find him to be a generally decent guy who even helps me out when he can. Now that that’s out of the way…Continue Reading

my perfect friends

Anthony, Tricia, Kelly, Vicky, Kate, and Srp have all helped me in various ways with this fucked up Batcave situation. I really, really appreciate it. Batcave aside, I appreciate it when anyone helps me. At this stage in my life, I’m a person that kinda needs help sometimes. More often than I’d like, actually. Honestly,Continue Reading

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Death Magnetic (part 1)

I should start by saying that Death Magnetic isn’t out yet, and it isn’t going to be released until September 12. It might leak ahead of that date, but so far it has not. In fact, the only full song anyone has heard is “Cyanide”, and that’s because the band played it live. I thinkContinue Reading