Father’s Day 2008

Yesterday I celebrated my first Father’s Day as a father. That video gives you a pretty good idea of how I spent most of the day, aside from romping through the city earlier in the afternoon eating everything in sight.

Overall the day was very good. I was worried that it wouldn’t be, because Saturday was a total fucking nightmare. I woke up on Sunday morning, like most mornings, to the sound of Darwin doing whatever the hell he does in his crib when he wakes up, and the woman moving about the room. She asked me if I wanted my present, which I surely did. I got a Panasonic SDR-SW20 camcorder. It isn’t some flashy high-end HD camera or anything, but it is exactly the one I wanted. It’s shock-proof, dust-proof, water-proof, records on tiny little SD cards, and fits right in my pocket. I really like it, and I’m certain it will be used to capture countless hours of cute Darwin action. Anyway, it was a good day at a time when most are not.

Oddly enough, I got through the entire day without ever thinking about my own father at all. It crossed my mind today though. Just like “Oh wow yesterday was Father’s Day and I didn’t talk to my Dad again…”. On we go.

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