I need artificial turf.

I should type a really detailed post about my day, and just set WordPress to post that same thing day after day. It would be pretty accurate most of the time. My days are more or less one big string of frustrations and problems. I’m in a bad mood almost all of the time, which probably makes me less than pleasant to be around. Luckily that isn’t a problem, since no one is around me anyway. Whatever.

I got to thinking about that good old “grass is greener” adage. I suppose like most people I find myself occasionally searching for, or at least thinking about the better options out there for me when it comes to various aspects of my life. In doing so, I can’t help but notice the shockingly short list of people who I believe truly have my best interest in mind, or would actually stick their neck out for me when it really counts. All the while, the list of people who will abandon me when the going gets tough grows ever longer. Admittedly, I get fooled sometimes. I look over the fence, and I see that greener grass. I see that cosmetic facade, and like a child my eyes light up and I want to chase right after it. Alas, when I reach for the fire, I get burned. Maybe I’m already on the green side. Maybe I’m color blind! Shit, maybe I’m just in the middle of the desert.

I’ve been working on some new art.

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