The Slip

Well I’ll be damned. Nine Inch Nails just released another album. That makes 3 albums in just over one year. As much as I dig NIN, what has really piqued my interest about these albums is the way in which they’ve been released.

We’ll start with Year Zero. It would take forever to explain the intricate ARG

that played out in advance of this album, but basically songs were released by planting USB drives containing songs and other data in the bathrooms of concert venues in Europe. No bullshit, that’s what they did. Then there was Ghosts I-IV, which I wrote about in March. With this one they gave away a truncated version of it for free, a complete digital version of it for $5.00, and various physical packages ranging from $10 up to $300 for a super duper limited edition.

Now less than two months after the release of Ghosts, a song called “Discipline” was released through the bands website. Embedded in the songs ID3 tags was a message saying “Go to May 5”. Well, it’s May 5. This morning, fans were greeted with The Slip; a full 10-song, 44-minute album, released 100% free of charge, along with a message that says “we encourage you to remix it, share it with your friends, post it on your blog, play it on your podcast, give it to strangers, etc.” NICE!

Regardless of my opinion of the music, this is really fucking cool. Luckily though, the music is quite good. After less than a full day with it, it gets an A-.

PS. Here is some audio of Howard and the gang talking about the album.

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