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High Trek Adventure

Last Saturday I participated in an event put together by a company called High Trek Adventure

. It’s described as a “One-of-a-kind urban race. Part scavenger hunt, part Trivial Pursuit.” It’s basically a little version of The Amazing Race held within one city. It’s played by teams of two, and my partner that day was my baby-momma. It was a risky choice given the likelihood that we would actually attempt to murder one another in the heat of competition, leaving poor Darwin to fend for himself.

Luckily, the day went pretty well. It all started at around 2nd & Chestnut. The race began as everyone was given an envelope containing the first five challenges. Each one was a riddle of sorts, with the answer designed to lead us to a specific location (or TREKpoint). For example, here are some of the clues:
Sweat dreams… find this palindrome within 2 blocks of the Betsy Ross House. Once you find this place you’ll rest a lot easier. The solution to this one was a furniture store called Okooko.
Assemble a six person pyramid. One person from your team must be in the pyramid.
Which we did with some random Elvises hanging out nearby.

When the results got posted on the website, it showed that we came in 43rd out of 88 teams, and we finished the race in 2 hours 57 minutes. It was a fun day, and I look forward to doing it when they come back next near.

Intelligent Design is bullshit (and a movie review)

THIS MOVIE SUCKS. That’s the basic idea. But I guess I’ll go on. I had a pretty good idea that the movie would suck, but I guess I just had to see for myself. The premise of the film is that proponents of intelligent design are being unfairly oppressed by all the big bad DarwinistsContinue Reading


What the fuck? I never know what to write anymore. Every day is pretty much the same thing. I basically spend all day being pulled back and forth in my mind about what I should do with myself. I’ve been out of the apartment for a good while now. A month or so, right? AllContinue Reading