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at work

Oh how time flies when everything sucks. I guess this will be another post of quick updates, which is what happens when I let so much time go by between posts.

To start things off, today was actually alright. I took Darwin to the Please Touch Museum for his friend Riley’s birthday party. Riley is a bit older than Darwin (3), but she has a major crush on him. And really, who wouldn’t?! Anyway it was really fun to see him crawling all over and playing with all kinds of funky toys and stuff. He had a blast. In fact, the only time he cried is when I would try to pick him up from where he was busy playing. So I mostly just let him crawl from one area to the next and get into what ever he found appealing. The place is made for kids, so what the hell. I got a couple photos of him noticing his shadow, possibly for the first time ever. Anyway, the whole thing was just very nice.

In less peachy news, my health is in serious decline. I’ve been going to the dentist a bit lately, which is good, but aside from that I’m a mess. The chest pains that started a couple of months ago or so have persisted. The fact that I know my blood pressure is extremely high doesn’t help any. And coupled with some other extremely scary symptoms I’ve been experiencing… well, it’s just a bad scene. Without being overly dramatic, I really do feel like my life is in immediate danger. I know what these symptoms often lead to, and I know what that means for most peoples life expectancy. I always said that I wouldn’t live a very long life (and didn’t really want to), and now more than ever it feels like it could be true. I actually made a doctors appointment for this coming Friday, at which point I will get a physical exam. I’ll talk to the Dr. about all the shit I have going on and I guess we’ll take it from there.

As for the music… ehh. It’s not going well. Well, it’s not going fast, put it that way. I haven’t done shit in the last week or two just because I’ve been frustrated, as well as occupied with other things. Hopefully I can settle in and finish a few songs before 2008 is over.

And in closing, in case you haven’t heard, I am burning (almost) all of my artwork. I know, I know… “don’t do it”, “it’s a dumb idea”, “think about it first”, etc. I’m doing it. Why? Fuck, maybe I don’t even know. Most of it is packed away in boxes or folders or something anyway. If I’m not hanging it and looking at it, and no one else is either, what good is it doing? I created it. I expressed myself. It served its purpose for me, and now I can get rid of it. If anyone wants to buy any of it before it hits the fire, by all means head over to the newly re-designed MEGAHURT.NET and check it out. If the prices are just “too high” for your cheapskate ass, go ahead and insult me with your low-ball offers. I’ll probably take them.

sex it up

The update you’ve all been waiting for.

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NIN are doing it right

Generally speaking, the music industry is a broken, antiquated, self-destructing trash factory. They don’t seem to know what music fans want, or how much we want to pay for it. They don’t seem to know much of anything really. A handful of artists have been stepping up recently to try and make changes to thisContinue Reading