Monthly Archives: February 2008

Laura is fired.

Another one bites the dust. Tonight I fired Laura. I gave her several chances to apologize and set things right, but instead she chose to yap at me like a spoiled UArts kid. Oh wait… yeah. The story she will tell is simply “I was fired because I spent time with my parents on myContinue Reading

Hot For Teacher

Back in August, I sorta got fired from my position teaching music production. I guess it wasn’t a complete firing since I was just moved to another position (one that offered more hours and therefore gave me more money). I felt a lot better about it when I found out exactly who it was thatContinue Reading


For years now, I’ve been casually looking for opportunities to produce some music for bands other than my own. As far as making music goes, that seems to be what I’m best at, and I enjoy doing it. I’ve dabbled over the years, doing some stuff for Joe Light and a couple others, but thatContinue Reading