Apparently, I rule.


Within my school, there is an alternative program (kind of a school within the school), called the Peace Project. There are two kids assigned to an internship that was scheduled to take them to a place called Arts in Motion (I think). It’s a few blocks away, and they were to be involved in some kind of music production class. They went to it once or twice, but last week for some reason they weren’t able to go. Instead, my boss had me wheel a Mac up to the Peace Project and give them my own music production class, just the 3 of us. Apparently it went well. The woman in charge up there told me that they were really excited about it, and that “they don’t get excited about anything”.

This morning, my boss pulled me aside and told me that they were so adamant about wanting to work with me instead of the other place, that I am the new internship. So now every Thursday, I’ll bring a Mac up there and make jams with these two “troubled” kids. I like it.

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