ddc who?

Make a record with Anthony, and look for a new singer to finish it. It takes time to find a capable singer who works with the music, and has a compatible personality and schedule.

Make a record with Anthony, use multiple singers, and probably not play it live. In addition, I could just get random people to write and play on the record as well. This was somewhat common in the early days of DDC.

3) Kevin Healey
Putting eggs in the Kev-basket is a major crapshoot, but if it gets done, the results are always good. It would have to get finished before he moves away to Alaska, and we would never play live.

4) Joe Light
Making a record with Joe Light would be an appropriate way to let DDC come full circle. Musically, it would almost certainly alienate everyone that considers themselves a fan of Dark Disco Club, but that’s ok, especially since it would probably be the last DDC record ever.

5) Solo
This is the scariest option of all, by far. It’s within the range of possibility that I could make the record 100% by myself. All the music, vocals, etc. I’ve never done it, and I’m pretty realistic about my musical and vocal abilities. This would also be an appropriate end to Dark Disco Club. At the completion of the record, I would send an email to myself, firing me.

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