FATHERHOOD: six months

6 months of fatherhood

I’ve been a Father for six months now. To say it’s been a life-altering experience would probably be an understatement, although most of the changes don’t show themselves as outwardly as I thought they might. I still get to goof off a good bit, I still get Playboy in the mail, I still make music and play shows. It certainly has placed new limits and pressure on my life, but I suppose that is to be expected. It’s also created a great deal of new stress in my relationship with my woman. We’re already a fragile work in progress, and well, it’s been hard.

I’m still amazed by Darwin every day. I remember the way I worried incessantly while he was in the womb. I would think of every possible thing that could go wrong, and how it would crush me. In my mind it seemed as though the chances of him actually being born perfectly healthy were so slim. There was no real reason to think that of course, since the pregnancy was pretty trouble-free (physically at least). Seeing him now, as such a robust little dude is a joy. I love watching him play with his toys, rolling around on the floor, and trying to pull parts off of anyones face who holds him within his arms reach. He’s been sick a few times which sucks, but generally speaking, he seems like a pretty happy kid.

I’m really looking forward to Summer. He’ll be running around and having all kinds of fun with me all the time. The park, the city, the sandbox, DDC recording sessions. He’s going to discover grass, his shadow, 80’s metal, and how to take a fall. It’s going to be awesome.

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