I just went over to as I usually do a couple times each day, just to see what super-important headlines are gripping the nation today. Instead of reading that the government has implemented free universal health care, or that George Bush has been impeached, CNN is reporting “BABY THROWN OFF BRIDGE, HIT BY CARS” I didn’t click it to read all the gory details that they surely included, but I didn’t have to.

On some level, I don’t like that CNN even reports on such a thing, but I guess you can’t ignore the truth. But more importantly, WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Just a week or two ago, some guy threw like 3 little kids/babies off some bridge, and now this sick motherfucker. There is no punishment that could possibly accomplish what this person deserves. I read that shit and I just don’t even know what to think. I suppose I’m more sensitive to stories like this since I have a child of my own now, but it’s always hit me. This is just a sick, horrible world. How could a person possibly commit such a horrendous act? There’s really no point to this, and no proper conclusion. I’m just continually disgusted by everything, and as time goes by, it gets worse and worse. This planet needs to start over.

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